Summer 2023

Traditional Style Accommodations

Traditional style housing is available in single accommodation for intern housing. Married and family housing are not available.

During summer 2023, Gibbons, Caldwell, and Seton are the three primay halls in the residential area of campus we use for intern housing and we may use one Centennail Village hall as well. People who check-in before May 14 may have to live in temporary accommodations before moving to their permanent assignment. The same holds true for people who stay past August 6th.

A (21) nights minimum stay is required for intern housing program. All traditional style residence halls are air-conditioned and have common, single-gender bathrooms on each floor. Study areas, shared kitchen facilities, vending machines and lounges with televisions are available for shared use in each of these buildings.

For more information and virural tours about the residence halls, please see here.