Meeting Space

Large Meeting Spaces Lecture Style Seating Room Capacity*
Pryzbyla Center Great Room A 100
Pryzbyla Center Great Room B 350
Pryzbyla Center Great Room C 100
Pryzbyla Center Great Rooms Combined A and B 450
Pryzbyla Center Great Rooms Combined B and C 450
Pryzbyla Center Combined A, B, and C 600
Pryzbyla Center Food Court 250
Heritage Hall 400
Heritage Hall - Wedding Receptions 200 at rounds
Caldwell Auditorium 350
Scullen Room 100
Happel Room 50
Conference Rooms Room Capacity*
Pryzbyla Center 321 50
Pryzbyla Center 323 40
Pryzbyla Center 327 40
Pryzbyla Center 351 40
Board Rooms Room Capacity
Pryzbyla Center 203 12
Pryzbyla Center 331 12
Classroom Room Capacity
Computer Lab Various
Classroom 1-25
Classroom 26+
Auditoriums (Tiered Seating) Room Capacity
Aquinas Hall 102 150
Gowan Hall 126 279
Hannan Hall 106 97
Hannan Hall 108 185
Hartke Theater (plus tech and FOH fee) 400
Maloney 203 280
McGivney 106 128
McMahon 200 58
McMahon 201 58
Additional Reception Spaces^ Room Capacity
Pryzbyla Center Atrium and Gallery 100
Pryzbyla Center The Pryz Market Lounge 200
Murphy's Grill 100
Vincent P. Walter Room 50
Outdoor Recreation Spaces Capacity
University Lawn 1000+
University Mall 1500+
Pryzbyla Center Lawn and Patio 350
Miscellaneous Items and Staff, at additional cost
Pipe and Drape
Staging (6'x8' pieces)
Dance Floor (3'x3' pieces)
Table Linen
Public Safety Officer^^
Package prices are available for food, lodging, and meeting space bookings.

* Based on standard room arrangement, capacities can increase or decrease based on room configuration.

 ^ Availability is contingent upon University programs and events

^^ Four hour minimum one person each minimum and may require more than one person