Rules and University Scheduling Policies

Co-curricular event requests for classroom spaces are reviewed by the Assistant Director for Scheduling and Event Planning starting on the business day after add/drop each semester. Any co-curricular event requests that take place prior to add/drop and specifically request use of classroom spaces will not be confirmed. Requests to reserve campus spaces in The Pryzbyla Center, or other spaces that are specifically managed by the Office of Events and Conference Services (ECS), (such as lawns and other open spaces), are reviewed by the Assistant Director for Scheduling and Event Planning. Event requests are reviewed on a rolling basis. Event requests that require coordination with Facilities Management or Cardinal Catering must be submitted at least one month in advance. Once the event has been confirmed by the Assistant Director, it is assigned to a designated ECS professional staff member who will work with the requestor to plan their event. 

ECS considers the following when evaluating requests for space:

  • The availability of the space
  • The best use of the space and any related facilities, and their suitability to various activities and functions in consultation with the appropriate building administrators;
  • The appropriateness of the request in relation to the mission of the University, and local and federal policies, laws, and regulations: or
  • If the event may disrupt normal University functions or pose a risk to members of the University, their guests, or members of the public.

Submitting a Request in 25Live Pro

The following details must be submitted with your event request. Failure to submit these details will result in delayed review/confirmation and may result in your ECS point of contact being unable to accommodate your special requests. Four weeks is the gold standard for many event requests. Please submit your more complex (i.e. anything that requires partnership with Events and Conference Services) event requests at least four weeks in advance to allow the requests to be reviewed by the Assistant Director for Scheduling and Event Planning. Once confirmed, your ECS point of contact needs two weeks to coordinate with Catering, Facilities, and the Technology Team.

  • Event Type (i.e. Meeting, Banquet/Reception, Lecture, etc.)
  • Realistic expected attendance
  • A location for the event
  • As much detail as possible in the set-up field. This includes: the number of tables/chairs needed and in what arrangement (i.e. hollow square, boardroom, banquet seating, classroom seating), special podiums, stage or special dance floor, pipe and drape, etc.
  • Please indicate if you plan to use Cardinal Catering. If not, please use TBD for any external food that will be provided. If no food will be provided, please write “None”
  • Remember to check the A/V button and provide your specific needs in the field provided. This includes technology that is not readily available (i.e. microphones, laptops, sound/speaker system, etc). If this button is not checked your needs will not be communicated on our Tech Team report

    Submit a request here.

Special Event Space Request

In order to use certain spaces on campus, approval must be given by the administrator of the space. The following spaces require approval:

     * Maloney Pavilion
     * McMahon Foyer
     * University Lawn
     * Scullen Room 
     * DuFour 
     * Kane Sport Court
     * May Gallery 
     * Hartke Theatre
     * Ward Recital Hall
     * Murphy’s Grille

Please submit your request in 25Live Pro. Then email the Assistant Director for Scheduling and Event Planning with the information below. The Assistant Director will then reach out to the administrator of the requested space:

  • Name of event
  • Date
  • Expected attendance
  • Who will be in attendance
  • Brief description of the event
  • Will catering be utilized (please indicate if using Cardinal Catering. If you are unsure about the particular caterer you will use, simply note that food will be present)
  • A detailed description of any amplified noise during the event
Please reach out to the Assistant Director for Scheduling and Event Planning or your ECS Point of Contact for more information about this process. We appreciate your partnership!

Click here for the University Co-Curricular Scheduling Policy.