Iris is an online registration tool managed by Events and Conference Services (ECS).

Through the Iris registration system, ECS offers the following services to the campus community and external organizations who are planning their program on the University campus:

  • Gather requirements and build custom registration forms. Advanced registration forms are built utilizing the Iris conditional logic feature. It also allows registrants to upload files if needed.
  • Provide an online payment option for credit card payments. This includes creating and applying discounts, managing refunds and partnering with General Accounting for fund transfers.
  • Track and manage registrations.
  • Build custom reports and provide report access to event coordinators.

Cost of Iris registration form

Taxes (if applicable) and credit card processing fees can be added to each registrant’s order. The administrative fees can be added to the form and passed on to registrants or can be paid to Events and Conference Services directly by the department/organization as a lump sum once the registration is closed or deducted from monies collected on your behalf.

DC Sales Taxes (if not tax exempt):
Materials:  6%           
Club memberships: 0%
Parking: 18%
Lodging: 14.95%
Meals: 10%

Credit Card Processing Fee:
3.5% of total charge

Additional Administrative Fees:
  • Student club membership forms:  No fee
  • Internal department support forms (i.e.. Student Material Purchase):  No fee
  • Internal department revenue-generating event registration forms: $2 per registrant
  • External organizations event registration forms (simple form): $3 per registrant
  • External organizations event registration forms (advanced form with several variables): $5 per registrant

Information needed to build a registration form

Please be ready to provide the following information when requesting an Iris registration form:
  • Name of the registration form
  • Purpose of the registration form
  • Contact person and contact information to be displayed on the form 
  • Dates registration opens and closes
  • Charterfields  indicating where the funds should be transferred once collected
  • Rates of each item
  • Logo to be displayed on the form (preferably png. or jpeg. format)
  • Verbiage on the form:  
    What specific information you want to collect from registrants
    What information you want to provide to your registrants


  • Does the system require each registrant to set up an account before paying?

    Yes, each registrant is required to create an account on Iris. It should not take more than 3 minutes to create an account. Registrants will be able to use this account to edit their information and access it for any other future Iris registrations.
  • How long does it take for a refund to be issued if a registrant cancels?

    Once issued, it will take approximately 3 business days for funds to return to the registrant account. The registrant will receive an email with refund confirmation right after the process is initiated
  • Who is the point of contact if registrants have any questions regarding the program or registration form

    Registrants should contact the program coordinator. The contact information of this person is always displayed on the form itself. If the issue needs to be resolved by an Events and Conference Services (ECS) staff member, the program coordinator will reach out to the point of contact in the ECS office.
  • Does the system work best with a particular browser?

    Iris Registration runs on all modern browsers including Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer (v.8 and newer), and Safari. 

  • Are the registration pages compatible with mobile devices?

    Yes, it is mobile device optimized (iOS, Android; Phone and Tablet).

  • Is the system PCI compliant?

    Yes, the system is PCI compliant.
  • Does the system automatically send a registration confirmation to the registrant?

    A customized email confirmation can be sent to the registrants. Please discuss the verbiage with the Events and Conference Services point of contact.
  • Can the registrant provide more than one email for the confirmation to be sent to?

    At this time, unfortunately, there is not a way to have a confirmation email sent to multiple email addresses.
  • What report formats are available?

    Reports are available in the following formats: PDF, CSV, Excel, PowerPoint, Rich Text, TIFF, Word and XPS.
  • How long will reports be available after the event?

    The information will be available for 1 year. If you foresee a need to access this information after 1 year, please let the ECS point of contact know.
  • I am a program coordinator of an existing registration page. How can I access reports?

    Please contact your Events and Conference Services (ECS) point of contact to create a report and provide you with access to it. You will receive an email notification that will include a link. Once you press on the link you will be directed to the IRIS Client page, where all of your conferences will be listed. If you have any questions how to navigate further, please request a quick training session with your ECS point of contact.