There is one 42" information screen in the Pryzbyla Center.

The screen is used to display slides about upcoming Catholic University events, University-wide announcements, news, and information regarding programs which take place on campus. The Office of Campus Activities routinely approves all announcements appearing on the screen. University departments, offices and recognized student organizations are eligible to post announcements. Announcements from conferences, vendors and other organizations will be considered on a case-by case-basis.

Submissions Guidelines

  1. Submissions are received through The Nest and email via
  2. Submissions should be provided as JPEG files
  3. Slide text should be at least 28 point in size
  4. Slides must be 1120 x 630 pixels
  5. Slides should contain no animation
  6. Slides should have an accommodations statement, location and date of event

The Office of Campus Activities reserves the right to alter content, return submissions for edits, etc.


  1. Requests must be submitted to the Office of Campus Activities one week prior to the organization's desired posting date
  2. Slides for events will be posted for four days prior to an event (or sign-up deadline) and the actual event date
  3. Announcement slides will only be posted for four days
  4. Each event or announcement is limited to one slide in the rotation at any given time

Helpful Hints

  • Since your slide is only on the screen for no more than five seconds at a time, clarity and brevity make it most effective
  • Your goal should be to share the most important information about your event or announcement
  • Slides that are difficult to read are usually ignored
  • Generally it takes one business day to approve and post a slide
  • The focus for an event slide should be on the event title, date, location and time
  • The focus for an announcement slide should be limited to three bullet points or less
  • Events or announcements with more information should include a reference to a website with more information

As we continue to work on improving this service, we would appreciate hearing any feedback you would like to share concerning your experience with the display screen. To share feedback, or if you have any questions about the display screens, please contact the Office of Campus Activities at 202-319-6003 or