ECS is following the reopening guidelines provided by the District of Columbia and current Phase Two restrictions. At this time, in-person events are limited to 50 attendees. Events that are larger than 50 attendees will need to be postponed, cancelled, or adapted into a virtual and/or hybrid format. 

Event requests must be submitted for confirmation in 25Live Pro with adequate notice:
  • Two weeks prior to the requested date for events in conference rooms.
  • One month prior to the requested date for events that require a setup and/or partnership with Facilities Administration and Services (FAS).
Events with invited speakers from off-campus should be conducted remotely.

Event schedulers should continue to communicate with their ECS Point of Contact throughout the event planning process. The ECS Point of Contact is the most knowledgeable resource for planning events that are safe and account for current COVID-19 precautions.

Contingency plans must be made. The event scheduler should work with their ECS Point of Contact to discuss a contingency plan for their event. There should be a shared understanding between all parties involved that this is an evolving situation and events may be cancelled at any point. 

Before The Event

Consider hosting the event virtually, if possible.

Event schedulers should discuss check-in options with their ECS Point of Contact.

Event schedulers should provide the following information to attendees:
  • The link to the CatholicU COVID-19 page
  • A request that attendees stay home if feeling ill
  • Acknowledgement that events may be delayed or cancelled due to COVID-19 concerns
  • Reminders of ways to reduce the risk of spreading the COVID-19 (i.e. no skin-to-skin contact, physical distancing, face coverings, proper hygiene)
  • Event Planning Considerations: COVID-19 Event Guidelines for Event Planners

During The Event

Remind attendees to protect themselves and exercise caution in order to prevent infection.

A check-in process is required. It is the responsibility of the department to collect information about attendees including emergency contact information for each attendee. This information should be stored on the NEST until further notice. 
Please note that event schedulers should keep a record of event attendees for at least one year for contact tracing purposes.

What to do if an attendee displays symptoms:
Event schedulers should discuss this scenario with their ECS Point of Contact during the planning stages of the event.