Conference and Event Co-Sponsorship Guidelines

All events are coordinated through the Office of Events and Conference Services.

Staff strive to provide appropriate services and facilities to Catholic University community and external organizations. Conferences and events may be initiated either from the University department or office or from an external source.

In cases where a conference or event is initiated externally and furthers the academic or institutional aims of the University department or office, the department may act as "co-sponsor" of the conference or event. There are established guidelines for departments to follow in order for co-sponsorship to be recognized. Catholic University embraces co-sponsorship because of the valued contribution the conference or event makes to the academic and institutional aims of The Catholic University of America as well as the community at large. Co-sponsored conferences receive a 25% discount off all meeting space.

Co-sponsorship will be established after receipt and approval of a letter from the department chair or director. In order to be eligible to co-sponsor a conference or event, a department shall agree to, affirm, and abide by the following guidelines:

  • The academic or institutional aims are in accordance with and furthered by the activity planned by the non-University primary sponsor.
  • The department must assist in the planning, implementation, and follow up of the conference or event through the use of departmental personnel or resource.
  • A member of the department must be on-site with the conference at all times including at least one staff member to assist with check-in and/or registration process.
  • All co-sponsored conferences and events must have The Catholic University of America name and logo on all conference materials, including all marketing and pre-conference publications. Publications should also be pre-approved by the University Office of Marketing and Communications. Please allow at least ten days for review.

The letter of co-sponsorship should be attached to the application for conference services. Or you may send the letter directly to the Office of Events and Conference Services, Suite 204 The Pryzbyla Center,  620 Michigan Avenue, NE, Washington, DC 20064. The above information may change without prior notice.